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Noya Jibon means New Life in Bengali. 

That's exactly what our goal is: to grant every individual an opportunity towards a New Life.

We have pioneered the Made Fairly Index: a universal standard of fashion manufacturing.

WIth your support, we're striving to start our first garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh and transform the way clothing is produced forever. 

Every purchase helps us get closer to that goal.

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5 Fun Things We're Excited To Do This Summer

5 Fun Things We're Excited To Do This Summer

Summer is here! Need some ideas of how to keep yourself busy? Here are some fun activities of what we are excited to do this summer! ☀️

LISTENING: Butter Chicken Podcast:

Hosted by DJ Sharad and DJ Juicy, the podcast aims to share stories about powerful individuals and what impacts they have made, bringing up conversations about culture, society, and much more. Listen to their podcast on Soundcloud!

Source: Butter Chicken Podcast Soundcloud


READING: The Namesake 

This book is such a good read as you witness the journey of a son of Bengali immigrants, Gogol Ganguli as he tries to find his identity between American and Bengali culture while living in New York. The prominent themes of culture, identity, and family are very intimate with the reader. You can get your copy from Amazon!



Follow the adventures of Aang, the last avatar, as he learns all four elements - earth, water, fire, and air - to save the world from the Fire Nation’s domination with the help of Katara and Sokka. You can (finally) binge-watch the series on Netflix! 🔥❄️🌎💨

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WEARING: Noya Jibon Signature Tee

Get your summer look by pairing the Noya Jibon Signature Tee with a flowy pant or skirt! 


DOING: Bhangra and Bollywood Dances with BFUNK 💃

If you're looking to get active, learning or brushing up on dance is a great way! BFUNK consists of the duo, Shivani Bhagwan and Chaya Kumar, where they choreograph and teach BhangraFunk and BollyFunk. Because of quarantine, BFUNK has decided to bring their classes to the comfort of your home on their website,, where you can learn tutorials and attend live stream dance classes. Their hype and energetic dances are sure to get your blood pumping!

Source: BFUNK YouTube Channel


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Inside Look Into the Global Brand Ambassadors Program

Inside Look Into the Global Brand Ambassadors Program

Our Global Brand Ambassador program has been crucial to spreading Noya Jibon’s mission: to redefine ethical standards within the fashion industry. Our Global Brand Ambassadors are an exclusive community of creative visionaries who are trying to change the fashion industry. The Global Brand Ambassadors shifts fashion-forward by promoting our products to make people aware of our company. Educating others about the garment industry and the reforms that need to be placed is important to holding other companies accountable. With that in mind, we launched our Global Brand Ambassadors program.


As a Global Brand Ambassador you have access to the latest collections, product giveaways, special events and photoshoots, and you can be featured on our social media. Tasfiah is one of our Global Brand Ambassadors and after seeing Noya Jibon through social media posts she became inspired by their mission. Tasfiah is originally from Bangladesh but came to America at a young age. After the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in 2013, she knew that change needed to be made in the fashion industry. Through the Global Brand Ambassador program, Tasfiah has to be very active on Instagram and ensures that whenever Noya Jibon posts something about a product she always reposts it. She has been able to engage her followers by sending her referral code, that you receive as an ambassador, too many different people. Tasfiah’s goal, in the end, is to make more people aware that Noya Jibon is trying to create a “New Life” for Bangladeshi garment workers. If you are interested in learning more about our Global Brand Ambassador program please send a direct message to our Instagram @NoyaJibon.

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